I have been putting off this moment for quite some time now.

I am terrified of writing blogs.

(I learned in my Research Method’s class last spring that starting off with a confession or showing vulnerability is most effective in building trust with your audience.)

Why would anyone ever want to read what I have to say? Would I be clogging up space by becoming just another blogger? How will I know what impacts and consequences my blog may have? How can I be a responsible blogger?

The source of my fear is that once I add a new post, I won’t have control over it. It’s like when you accidentally let go of a balloon and you sink deeper in shame as you see it sail up, up, and away until it disappears.

I know all of this is silly (especially the pink blow fish balloon! I dare you to click on it), so I’ve decided that my goal for the next year is to work on overcoming my virtual stage fright!

I plan to share my food musings regularly. I hope my posts will make you want to respond and comment so that my thoughts become “anchored” rather than free-floating.


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