The Dueling Newlyweds

One of my favorite things to do is try new food products.

What I like even more is when I have other people try them before I do! I guess it is slightly voyeuristic and cruel (durian milk toffee anyone?) at times but it’s my guilty pleasure. I like to see how people relate and perceive certain foods because it reveals their memories, personalities, and preferences.

D and T got married over the summer and are the most generous neighbors I have ever had. They live a short leap across “the ravine” on the other side of the street. Yesterday, I went over with two bottles of Oliver Winery’s new hard apple cider flavors: Strawberry and Peach to run my first experiment.

Here’s the recap:

Method: Both tried equal amounts of both flavors, one bottle at a time. Then they sat in front of D’s computer and jointly typed up their report, taking turns at the key board. This is what true democracy looks like!

Strawberry: tasted crisp and refreshing at first (T) but tasted like artificial strawberry flavor rather than the “authentic” fruit, similar to the taste found in yogurts or ice cream, more appropriate for a dairy based product (D).

Peach: tasted artificial like the chewy peach flavored sugar coated candy rings (T) but may have done a better job capturing the “real fruit essence.” (D)

Result: D and T agree that they disagree. Their associations were so precise that I no longer feel the need to taste them myself.

One thing I did like about the bottle was the colorful wacky design on them with a farmer. But the writing on the peach bottle says: “Fed peaces to his chickens once…got fuzzy eggs. Thought it was a novelty. Became a millionaire overnite.”

What would a fuzzy egg taste like? Maybe that will be my next vicarious taste experiment.

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