Crumbs on a plate

Is sharing really about caring?

Scenario: You are at a bar and you decide to share a cheese plate (a trio of hard cheeses) with a dear friend.
Which statement best describes your behavior?

a. It’s mine!!!!! ALL MINE!
You try to eat as much as possible in the shortest amount of time.

b. Okay, everything is halfsies!
You militantly divide each item exactly down the middle and keep to your side.

c. No, YOU have the last bite…NO! YOU have it!
You dance around the plate, carefully examining which one your friend likes as you try to create the perfect last bite for her/him.

This is what happened to our plate at the end of our night.

S had made a delicious and creative dinner for me earlier. Slow roasted water buffalo, simmered chickpeas with tomato, garlic, pesto, and whole wheat pita. We were trying water buffalo for the first time and when it was time to eat, we tasted it but something was missing…it tasted watery.

S rummaged through her cabinet and refrigerator and started adding a dash of habanero hot sauce, a spoonful of black beach sauce, and a couple of shots of black rice vinegar, mixing and tasting each step of the way.

The depth of flavor improved but the roast was still not quite there yet. We gave up and sat down to eat.

Water buffalo is watery.

2 responses

  1. This looks fantastic! Although I am terrified of leaving a comment that isn’t autospell checked – yikes! Everyone will know I am really an idiot!

    I will split cheese with you anytime….

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