Old Friend, New Town

I like bumping into people.

I’m the type of person who will vigorously wave or holler if I see someone that I know, just to say hi.

So when I ran into S two weeks ago on campus, I couldn’t contain my excitement. (Lots of screaming, hitting, jumping, and hugging involved.)

S and I went to college together but I hadn’t seen him for 5 years. What were the odds that we in the same school again?

The weather was chilly and drizzly so I decided to make some miso soup and DIY seafood handrolls. S just started at Kelly and has been very busy but graciously made time to come over for dinner.

He also brought over a small souvenir from the blue grass festival he had gone to earlier in the day in Nashville, IN. Thanks S!

Sharing food with an old friend was exactly what I needed after a long week.

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