I’m a true poser.

I sometimes like to pretend that I like a food item that I actually don’t really care for  just because it’s the cool thing to do.

Mentality: It’s not them, it’s me!
If  everyone else seems to like it, something is wrong with me…right?

I keep on trying it, hoping that I will acquire a taste for it. It has worked multiple times and now I have learned to love olives, espresso, and canned artichokes.

But there are some foods that have strange flavors or textures that I just can’t seem to get. Here’s a list of items that I tried but had to give up on:

1. Twizzlers: It’s too dry and chalky.

2. Ice cream floats: The fizz and cream combo+ the cold sensation in both liquid and semi-liquid form = unpleasant.

3. Nacho cheese (The kind you get at a sporting event): It’s too salty and gummy.

4. Red bull: just tastes like chemicals.


Last night, J and B told me about strawberry flavored Twizzlers that you can peel like string cheese! They swear it doesn’t taste like the regular kind and that it’s fun to eat! I’ll be trying them out soon to see if I can finally cross Twizzlers off my list.

What are some foods that you want to like but can’t get yourself to actually embrace?

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