Can I have hot bacon on the side?

Jon Stewart came to town last night. I usually don’t like stand up but I figured I should give him a chance.

Stewart started off the show by describing his first impressions.
Bloomington: A movie-set looking town, where intense eye contact is maintained, and where a fair trade, organic coffee shop can coexist with a store selling tasers!

The comments that really got me laughing were all food related of course; ranging from religious prohibitions of pork and shellfish to America: the home of the Whopper. I won’t even attempt to share these jokes with you because I am terrible at re-telling them.

Before we all got to the show, K, J, A, and I went to Lennies, aka Bloomington Brewing Company for dinner. While browsing through the menu A discovered Hot Bacon as a salad dressing option.

Hot Bacon? What could this be?

We tried to come up with concoctions that could carry that name.
Bacon with hot sauce? Or could it be literally hot bacon strips or pieces?

When our server came to take our order, J bravely asked. Gasps of horror escaped us all as we were told that it was 100% pure bacon oil(GREASE!).  According to our server, people who LOVE their bacon can’t get enough of it!

So what would Jon Stewart have said if he was there with us?



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