T is for Tarako

I recently developed an obsession for salted cod roe. I eat it in omelets and alongside rice with sesame oil and some scallions on top.

I once ate a bag of cod roe flavored potato chips in Tokyo. What did it taste like? Deep fried cod roe! While in Tokyo, T  also told me that he really likes it in pasta; tarako pasta.

I forgot this until recently when I was defrosting a piece of it. I tried googling to find recipes but couldn’t find any that seemed legit so I decided to ask T.

T’s instructions:

“Get the roe out of its skins in advance, pour butter over warm boiled pasta in a pan or bowl (ofcourse after draining the water), add cod roe, add salt and pepper as you like for the seasoning. That’s it! And if you would like it to be richer and junkier, add some mayo too. Oh, sprinkle some thinly cut sea weeds over the pasta plate. Bon appetit! Muwah!”

Prep time: 5 mins

Improv: minced garlic and scallions

Result: I’m a true believer!


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