Birthday denials

It was my birthday yesterday.

I was trying to keep it on the DL but I received some fantastic gifts that I cannot keep to myself!

It may come as a shock to those who have known me for a long time because I usually relish each and every moment of my birthday to the point that I celebrate a week before, the week of, and a week after.

I remember having 5 different birthday parties when I was 7 and feeling the need to have MORE! But this year has been different…or so I thought, until I got this delivered to me yesterday.

Thanks T and N!

The caged delights

The Treasure!

I was so excited that I decided to have a wine and cheese party tonight! I got a couple more local cheeses so that it will be Murray’s vs. Indiana showdown.

My other fab presents will be revealed in following posts, so tune in!


Last night, before dinner I found this waiting for me:

My apartment complex made me a goodie bag! (Well, minus the bubbly!)

The end!

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