Battle of the Cheeses


The Cheeses

Murray’s selection: Tickler’s cheddar, double creme brie, and Vermont goat

Local/regional selection: Apple smoked cheddar, leek and morel cheddar, Swiss Connection sharp cheddar, raw gouda, French blue, and Capriole herb goat

Bread and Crackers

Baguette, table water crackers with cracked pepper, and rye crisps topped with a lemon-dill ricotta spread with smoked salmon


Georges Dubceuf-Beaujolais-villages (2009), Trapiche-Malbec (2010), Cellar No.8-Cabernet Sauvignon (2008), and Staccato-Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon blend (2010)


Apples, Anju and Korean pears, nuts, apricot bar, honey, K’s homemade apple butter, and S’ homemade peach and jalapeno preserve


Pumpkin bread, M’s chocolate marble cake, and rosemary shortbread cookies

The Authenticators: Eleven of the most dynamic, diverse, and dashing judges

Verdict: Murray’s 2:Local Cheese 1
Tickler’s cheddar, double creme brie, and Capriole goat won the most votes!

A taste of our conversation: Durian, sour tastes, Il Patio, insects, grandpa fashion (socks and pants), wolves turning into dogs, horse meat sausage on pizza in Venice, Dean and Deluca, Peruvian roast chicken, Murray’s bagels, caviar, and orange colored sour cream.

The Enablers: T and N are right on the pulse.

Conflict of Interest: I invited everyone to take a break from our busy schedules and wanted to use this opportunity to introduce friends from different contexts to each other. I hope I was able to spark new friendships. So the cheese tasting took a back seat, just like I hoped it would.

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