Last night, I went to a potluck for the Food Studies program.

This was the second gathering of the year and it was nice to see new faces.

I made manicotti stuffed with eggplant and squash for the occasion. Maple glazed butternut squash, roasted zucchini, and fruit salad were some of the dishes present.

R(1) brought 5 different types of Ghiradelli chocolate for us to taste.

100%-THE REAL DEAL (This is my interpretation of it), 86%-“Midnight Reverie,” 72%-“Twilight Delight,” 60%-“The Evening Dream,” and a milk chocolate.

I absent-mindedly asked for R(2) to pass me THE REAL DEAL and hooked for the biggest piece. I heard R(1) go: “OOOOooooh” but nothing was going to stop me. I bit a huge hunk and chomped away, happily at first. Then BAM! (just like Emeril says it!)  The bitter, sour, and earthy taste struck me and my face crumpled. R(1), who had been watching intently, burst out laughing.

So is 100% cacao salty? bitter? sour? earthy? Or as L suggested, do we lack the right vocabulary to describe it? Why would Ghiradelli make a 100% cacao bar? For baking? For making mole?

We all proceeded to take tiny bites of THE REAL DEAL and another bar of our choice. I mixed the Midnight Reverie with THE REAL DEAL. It was the perfect combination.

I  guess I enjoy 93% dark chocolate. What’s your favorite percentage?


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  1. I just got a bar of the Midnight Reverie myself, and I have to say it’s too bitter for my taste. Which is funny, because I always tend to like the higher percentages when it comes to dark chocolate. I guess for a quick nibble after a long day, I need more sugar.

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