Family Matters

When do you miss your family the most?

I’m prone to homesickness but ironically for the past 10 years, I have chosen to live far, far away from my family. I usually miss my family first thing in the morning and at meal times.

This morning, S invited me out to brunch with her mom. I was secretly thrilled because I had been missing my parents. I knew that just being in their presence would quell my homesickness.

(Indonesian Corn Fritters; curiously served with sour cream and salsa.)

Watching S and her mom share a cinnamon coffee cake studded with pecans on top, I realized that what I like most about being with other families is that I feel a sense of belonging, even if fleetingly. I didn’t want the meal to end because I knew I would have to face reality.

But as we parted, S’ mom said, “Let me give you a mom’s hug!”  It was as if she read my mind and I was instantly cured.

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