Candy land

Do you judge a candy by its wrapper?

Our weekly CAFE (Cognition About Food and Eating) meeting started off by tasting two types of Japanese candy.

BLACK: S instantly identified black molasses/burnt sugar. T predicted it to be coffee flavored by the looks of the wrapper and arrived at the same conclusion when he smelled it. Then he decided that it was coffee-prune flavored.

WHITE: S thought it would be evil-spicy tasting because the picture of hello kitty with horns. T playfully imagined that it would taste like CAT. This made everyone crack up and C posed this question: What if you bit into a Cadbury egg and you discovered that it was an actual egg in there?!?

If you were presented with candy that you’ve never had before, how would you figure out what it tastes like before actually putting it in your mouth? Would it be the color, design, words, or shape of the candy and wrapper?

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