Garbage Salad

It’s dinner time and you are about to board a five hour domestic flight in an hour.

What do you choose to eat?

a. Quickly buy a sandwich or salad to eat on the plane.

b. Line up for fast food.

c. Get a table at a pseudo restaurant.

d. Wait till you get on the plane to buy food.

Yesterday, I decided on option C because I was in the mood to indulge myself in the experience of airport dining. I chose Harry and Izzy’s because they are famous for their shrimp cocktails and steaks in Indiannapolis. I actually didn’t end up ordering either because “Garbage Salad” caught my eye.

The menu promised shrimp, Italian meats, cheese, celery, artichoke hearts, and tomatoes. Yes, I admit that this combination doesn’t seem appealing at all to begin with but I decided to try it out anyway. I also got a filet slider because I really don’t like traveling hungry.

First, I was disappointed that there was only one shrimp, sliced in half and the red thing you see on top was the strangest thing. I think it was a red pepper stuffed with some type of herbed cheese but I decided not to eat it because it made me think of a human pinkie. There were also some bits of mystery meat–brown and clumpy.

It was so random that it really made me think I was eating garbage! Where was this coming from? What were these things that were not even on the menu? I realized that the ingredients out of context was really getting to me.

I should have known what I was getting into but I’m glad I tried because now I know what to expect when I see garbage salad on the menu. Is this an Indiana thing or would I be able to find it in other parts of the US as well?


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