Fish Jeon

One of my grandpa’s favorite dishes is fish jeon, pan fried fish (usually cod).

It usually was off limits to other members of the family when we all gathered for our weekly Saturday dinners at my grandparent’s house. No one forbade us to eat it but we all knew it was only for grandpa.

I used to sit next to him and watch him eat the fish jeon, longingly. Each piece was glazed with a bright yellow egg batter and it glistened. I was one of the youngest grandchildren so when I couldn’t hold back and asked for a taste, grandpa gladly shared. The fish jeon were warm, soft, fragrant, with a slight fishy undertone. I liked dipping it lightly into a citrus soy sauce to enhance the flavor.

Fish jeon is more appealing to me because it is my grandpa’s special dish.  I think of it as a dish for special occasions and something that is a real treat to have.

I decided to make a large batch for my sister over the weekend.

Ingredients: Eggs, flour, cod, and vegetable oil (for the pan.)


1.Defrost cod fillets and drain excess moisture

2. Beat eggs until fluffy

3.  Scoop half a cup of flour on a flat plate and place it next to the egg batter

4. Cut the cod in bite size pieces


1. Take a piece of fish and roll it around in the flour

2. Shake off excess

3. Drop it in the egg batter

4. Place it in a well oiled and large skillet.

5. Turn over once the bottom becomes golden yellow.

These are simple to make but pretty time consuming!

They turned out well!

They didn’t taste exactly like the ones my grandma used to make for my grandpa but they were close enough!

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