“Do you want to go try fonuts?”

My sister asked while we were walking on 3rd.

me: “Faux-nuts?! What’s that?”

sis: “No, fonuts. There’s like donuts but baked!”

I started imagining the possible tastes and textures of these fonuts. We walked into a fonut shop, similarly designed like a donut shop, selling fonuts and coffee. But they had some interesting flavors…Hawaiian (filled with coconut cream topped with sour plum sugar), chorizo cheddar, and strawberry buttermilk.

milk bar

Maple Bacon

Glazed (doesn’t they look just like donuts?)

My sister decided on olive oil rosemary and after weighing all my options, I chose the lemon. The employee reassured me that I made the right choice as the lemon is their best seller. She said “It’s gluten-free and vegan, but you won’t even notice, it’s that good!” I was intrigued since I usually don’t like gluten-free/vegan desserts.

Olive Oil Rosemary

This one was really light. It had a terrific balance of sweet and savory. It reminded me of a mixture of angel food cake and pound cake.

Lemon: gluten free and vegan

I took my first bite and it was unbelievably moist and caky. The lemon glaze had the perfect tang.

Just like the “futter” brand that claims it is so good that people exclaim: “I can’t believe it’s not butter!” ( the fonut shop should have this motto:

I can’t believe it IS vegan!

This is my new favorite dessert shop in LA. Sorry, Frosted!

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