Menu Plus

I’m obsessed with menus. I like looking at the format, ingredients, descriptors, and categories.

My new favorite menu was just given to me by my sister’s in-laws. They recently returned from Europe and flew Iberia. I was thrilled that they remembered that I’m really interested in airline meals and pocketed the menu for me!

* Pay particular attention to the main courses*

Now, let’s pretend I was on this flight. What would I select as my main course?

I definitely would NOT go for the swordfish. a. It’s high in mercury. b. the blueberry and blue cheese sauce combination sounds pretty gross.

But then would I try the pig’s knuckle with mashed yam and lavender? This is slightly risky because using lavender in savory dishes has to be done with care or else it will just taste like soap. (Well, at least to me)

So would my final choice be the fried codfish? I guess that is the “safest” bet but I’m curious what type of sauce it will come with because I’ve been told by airline caterers that fried food does not hold up well when reheated in the aircraft.

I think I would have to go with the pig’s knuckle because at least there will be a sense of adventure without it being totally inedible. And if I don’t like it, I can always ask for more bread and maybe more starters!

Which one would you choose?

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