Semi-Homemade gone wild

I know I declared food gifts as this week’s theme but I’m going to go waaaaaay off topic.

Why? Because I couldn’t resist sharing this when my sister urgently e-mailed me about Sandra Lee’s full hour Halloween special. I canceled cable over the summer and this is the first time I’ve regretted it.

Fact: Watching Sandra Lee’s semi-homemade recipes on the Food Network is so bad that it becomes so good.

She’s all about saving time and money. I’m down for that but she doesn’t have her priorities straight. I cringe every time she mixes fresh ingredients into highly processed food because she compromises taste a bit too much.

Background: Since 2004, my sister and I have watched Sandra Lee’s shows on the Food Network for pure entertainment. We would be horrified by her concoctions. We  gasped, gagged, and squealed throughout the 30 mins and would promise each other that we would NEVER do what Sandra does.

Halloween Special

Never mind what she is making (black martinis and Jello shots). Let’s focus on her costume changes! (All photos and quotes were provided by my sister)

Guess who is she supposed to be! Her head piece was so heavy that she was tilting to the side!
Sandra: “Cher was born in CA, just like these oranges!”

I love Lucy and Jello shots?

Is she the ice queen?

Sandra told the parrot: “I’m 560 years old!”

I can’t seem to find the full episode online but here’s a taste of the costume changes Sandra goes through!

I think I have missed the greatest episode of all times.
Those of you who do have cable, please DVR so we can watch it together!

2 responses

  1. Ugh I cannot stand Sandra Lee! She’s so annoying and I completly agree that she cuts corners a little too much. Her costumes are pretty over the top awesome though!!

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