Food Costumes

What were you for Halloween?

I was Ben Stiller’s character in the Royal Tenenbaums. It was by far the best Halloween costume because the track suit was comfortable, warm, and practical!

I did have multiple conversations before Halloween with people who were considering what to dress up as. My favorite idea: THE FRUIT NINJA!

The splatters of fruit make it kind of gory!

I haven’t played this game, (which you can download as an app on your smartphone) but when it was explained to me, I couldn’t stop laughing!

A player’s fingers become virtual blades to slice fruit.  If you swipe your finger in a slicing motion and can cut multiple fruit at once, you are awarded with points. Sometimes bombs are thrown and the player must not slice them, or else GAME OVER. (This kinda makes me think of the The Food not Bombs Movement.)

A friend was considering dressing up in black clothes and attaching sliced fruit on his hands and arms. Maybe he could have simplified his costume and opted for this look:

Another idea floated by multiple people was dressing up as a sushi. I’m going to let you explore the costume options here: Sushi Costumes

Anything peculiar about these images?  What’s up with dressing your babies as sushi??!

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