Mr. Pizza- “Love for Women”

Today, I digress from my reports of my eating adventures in nyc because I want to share a clip forwarded by my advisor!

Mr. Pizza is a South Korean pizza chain created in 1990. Believe it or not, its motto is: Love for Women. Blueberry dipping sauces for pizza crusts and toppings such as sweet potato are aimed at women. It also claims that that the company is watching out for “calorie counting ladies.” It also has created Korean fusion pizzas such as chicken galbi pizza and tteok galbi (short ribs) pizza.

When I first went to a Mr. Pizza in Seoul, back in 2009, I was surprised that most of the patrons were indeed women!

I tried the secret garden designed for “nature loving women” and the potato gold, which is the “super-ultra celebrity pizza.” I really enjoyed these two although it was chewier, sweeter, and less cheesy than your average American pie.

Mr. Pizza just came out with a new advertisement! This has sparked intense debate within and beyond Korea because some are arguing that this is a distortion of history.  Some even have gone as far as calling the advert a “disgrace” and “distasteful.” If you want to check out the whole debate click here.

What do you think? Should we just laugh it off?


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