Confessions of a Murray’s bagel addict

Silly question: “If  you were to only eat one food forever, what would it be?”

These types of questions irk me, especially if they concern food. I mean, come on, is it really feasible to love one food THAT much to want to eat it just like how Kanye would say: Forever, ever? Ever, ever?

But on occasion I feel like I can have certain foods forever and not get tired of them.

Case in point: Murray’s Bagels!

My sister first took me there, back in 2003. Since then I’ve been an avid consumer.
When people tell me they know of another bagel store that is better, I tell them to go try Murray’s first before they claim that again. I’m that loyal.

There are two locations in nyc: 13th and 6th and 23rd and 8th. They claim they are the same establishment but I’ll share an insider’s tip: The one in the village (13th st. and 6th ave.) is the real deal.

Their bagels are dense, slightly chewy in the inside and firm on the outside. They make fresh batches throughout the day so employees actually glare at you and snap: “We don’t do that! Our bagels are fresh!” when you ask them to toast the bagel. I’ve seen this happen on multiple occasions and it’s amazing how each time the customer looks sooooo ashamed.

I absolutely love the multi-grain bagel with a bit of cream cheese, glistening smoked salmon, slivers of red onion,and two slices of tomato. I recently discovered the “sarcast-sol”, which adds a layer of whitefish salad to the aforementioned dressings.

These bagels are SO good that I went twice during my 60 hour visit to nyc. On Saturday, I went to pick up 6 bagels for breakfast the next morning. They were slightly stale but 10 mins in the oven and they were revived!

Then on Monday, I woke up at 6am to stop by Murray’s again before my flight. I got 15 bagels and this sandwich:

I ate this at the gate. Do you think people around me were jealous? Maybe they were just giving me the evil eye because it smelled so fishy.

Once I arrived back to Bloomington, I proceeded to give out 5 bagels and then 6 more for dinner. Then I was left with 4.

I consumed 3 bagels in the next 24 hours. Every time I thought I couldn’t eat another, I looked into the freezer and regained strength.

1 multi-grain bagel remained. I left it alone for a day and then decided to treat myself to get through Bruno Latour’s “We have never been modern.” I popped it into the toaster and returned to the book. I was fully engrossed until I was jerked back into reality as the fire alarm went off. The toaster had malfunctioned and completely burnt my last bagel.

I was devastated but quickly came to terms of my last bagel’s unfortunate death. I was suddenly free from the bagels and now could eat other things! But I am still counting down the days when I will get to eat another Murray’s bagel.

So what do you think you could eat forever without getting sick and tired of it?

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