International Speed-friending Program

Overall, I love being an international student.
Although I have to pay extra fees each semester and had to give three large vials of blood for a TB test (I’m still convinced they did more than check for TB!) , it gives me special opportunities!

I received an e-mail this morning from the office of international student services titled “American Food and English Conversation.”

The highlights:

“Are you interested in meeting U.S. American students?

Are you interested in practicing English while having fun and enjoying good food?

If your answer is ‘Yes’, please come to the ‘International Speed-Friending Night’ at the International center!”

Of course the first question that flew into my head was: What American food will they be serving? I started thinking of possibilities. Sandwiches? Burgers? Wings? Cheese and crackers? Chips and dips?

I called the office twice to get more information but both times I got the answering machine instead.

So I sent an e-mail asking what type of American food will be served and patiently waited. Within the hour, Tricia, the office assistant, replied.

Her answer: “I am not sure what American food will be served, probably pizza.”

I should have figured. Aren’t you curious about what will go on at this speed-friending event?

Do you think I should go to find my ultimate true U.S. American friend?!?

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