Happy Pepero Day!

Today is 11/11/11!

While it is Veterans day in the US, it’s Pepero Day in Korea!

The rules of the game are similar to valentine’s day.

I had to cover economics in my International Studies discussion section today. I decided that I would focus on explaining mass and craft-based systems of production with Pepero.

For those of you who don’t know what Pepero is, they are biscuits shaped like sticks covered in milk chocolate. They came in different flavors such as strawberry, almond, and dark chocolate.

I had the students taste the mass produced original flavor (milk chocolate), nude (the chocolate is inside the biscuit), and almond. Then asked them how a Pepero could be made with craft-based production.

Answer: Made with skilled labor (in small bakeries) and hand made.

I showed them this image of hand-crafted peperos, which is priced at about $78 USD. The mass produced Pepero is sold for about $1 USD a box.

I also told them about a counter movement against Pepero Day = The Korean National Farmers’ Day

The farmers and the agriculture sector claim that Pepero Day should be discontinued because it does not support domestic agriculture and farmers’ livelihoods. They argue that Pepero should be replaced with rice cakes like these:

Rice cakes symbolize wealth and prosperity.

Most of the students hadn’t tried Pepero before and preferred the almond covered ones!

Now that you know the Korean significance of 11/11, will you go for the classic Pepero or rice cakes?

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