An Indecisive Day

It’s 22 degrees celcius right now.

The warm weather is making it difficult to choose what to wear and what to eat.
Should I be wearing summer clothes and drinking iced drinks or should I be wearing fall jackets and eating soup?

For lunch today, I couldn’t decide which I wanted more: a salad or Ethiopian.

I had Ethiopian twice in the past 5 days but still was drawn to it. So after going back and forth between the two, I finally decided on Ethiopian!

I ordered the Dinich: Eggplant simmered with potatoes, tomatoes, and spices served with lentils.

I also had this last Wednesday and it was delicious! I decided that today was no day to be making new choices  (I already had struggled choosing a lunch spot) so I went with what I knew.

The meal was filling and a good way to try to reorient myself because the spices helped clear my mind.

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