The Myth: Liquid Diets Work

Recently I learned that liquid diets may be unproductive for people trying to lose weight because the tendency is to consume more food in liquid than solid form. It goes through your system quicker and sometimes it’s not as satisfying, which leads to over-consumption.

Wouldn’t you say that munching on a carrot stick is a completely different experience than gulping down carrot juice?

Some say if you simulate a chewing motion while you have foods in liquid form, your body will treat it as a solid. Others even claim that if you think that the liquid will become solid in your tummy, your body will slow down digestion.

I’m really into soups these days. Not because I’m on a diet but because they are comforting and good to have around for a week.

Out of curiosity, I tried “chewing” my soup and that actually increased my enjoyment because I was able to savor the taste longer. But when I try to imagine the soup becoming a solid in my stomach, I can’t seem to hold it together.

Last night, I made mushroom soup out of white buttons, portobellos, and shitakes.

I first chopped up the mushrooms and an onion and sauteed it with a table spoon of butter. Then I added a small clove of garlic (finely diced), salt, pepper, and a very small bay leaf. Then I added my freshly made chicken broth and let it simmer for 10 mins (took out the bay leaf) before giving it a whirl in my mixer . I garnished the soup with some chopped flat leaf parsley and dinner was ready!

For lunch today, I reheated the soup and made a ham and gruyere sandwich with delicata squash, sweet potato, avocado, cucumber, and red cabbage dressed with ginger balsamic oil.

I tried convincing myself that my soup will turn into a sold in my stomach before taking my first sip but I just couldn’t! I just kept on thinking about the contents reforming into whole mushrooms!

Try it next time you have soup or a juice and let me know if you were able to because I need serious pointers!

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