Thanksgiving across the pond

After a week of endless feasting in the UK, I’m back with loads to report!

Will you be disappointed if I were to tell you that I am thrilled that I got to miss T-giving in the states? I felt so free because I wasn’t constantly reminded of the holiday or with suggestions of what sides should be served with turkey.

However, I did end up eating turkey from Roast (to go) last Thursday at Borough Market, an open air speciality food market by London bridge.

Roast turkey sandwich with rocket and cranberry sauce

Roast restaurant specializes in proper British style roast meats (surprise, surprise). While I lived in London, I had the slow roast pork belly with apple sauce, which was divine.

The turkey sandwich was actually better than the pork belly because, for me, anything with rocket is a sure winner. The cranberry sauce was tangy but sweet, with chunks of cranberry. The thick slices of turkey with its crispy skin intact, were well seasoned and tender.

My friend got the chorizo sandwich, the first sandwich I tried back in 2008. It’s hard to find foods that taste better than how you remember them to have been but this sandwich was a clear exception.

The bread was toasted, sprinkled with olive oil, and stuffed with charcoal grilled chorizo, rocket leaves, and roasted red pepper.

I had to channel a lot of will power to stop myself from eating all the other delicacies available at the market. We walked around, bought some goodies (will tell you about them tomororow), and finished off the market visit with a cup of  Monmouth Coffee. Ahhh…a perfect afternoon at Borough Market.

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