England Preserves

What do I miss most about living in London?

Access to delicious cream tea (a pot of tea with scones, jam (raspberry, preferably), and clotted cream).

Of course the best part of cream tea is the scrumptious scone. My favorite ones are with sultanas, crunchy on the outside but flakey and soft in the inside. Think of buttery biscuits that can be found in the south rather than the tasteless bricks sold at Starbucks. Also, a scone is round, not triangular!

I’ve tried making scones but I’ve never been able to make them taste like the ones I found in the UK. I’ve accepted that I can’t get proper scones outside of the UK but what I can have is the unforgettable raspberry jam made by England Preserves.

I’ve been obsessed with the jams since I opened my first bottle of the Raspberry Deluxe back in 2008. It has full raspberry seeds, slightly watery (no jiggling allowed), and it has the perfect balance of sweet and tart.

After devouring our sandwiches at the Borough Market, we proceeded to search for the England Preserves stand. Borough Market is undergoing massive construction so the stalls had been reorganized. I felt slightly anxious by the fear that England Preserves would no longer be at the market.

But soon I found it and wasted no time. I bought 4 jars of Raspberry Deluxe, 1 jar of red onion marmalade so that I can make ploughman’s (cheddar + red onion marmalade) sandwiches, and 1 jar of plum jam.

Yes, I lugged the 6 jars all the way back to Bloomington along with other goodies. Are you proud?

Operation England Preserve complete!

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