New Way to Dispense Ice Cream

I found myself in front of this ice cream dispenser at Gatwick Airport at 9am.

Does anything strike you as odd?

At first, I thought it was a regular ice cream vending machine that spits out a packaged cup/bar.

The flavors were pretty standard but I noticed that the price of the ice cream seemed outrageous. 2.6 pounds almost $4 USD a serving!

Then I looked closely above the menu:

Do you recognize this spout?

I didn’t! Was the spout supposed to squirt out ice cream?

I had to get on my flight so I couldn’t try it out but I started wondering how the eating experience would be like if I saw a mechanized spout portion out my ice cream order. Could this be a form of entertainment or a way to create the notion that it was “fresh”?

What would happen if I ordered two flavors back to back? Would my chunky monkey make its way into my strawberry cheesecake?

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