My favorite activity on holiday is….EATING!

But in order to eat as much and frequently as possible, I walk, walk, and walk.

This proves unproductive at times when I come across a place I’d like to try while walking to burn off the previous meal. I pause and think: can I really eat a bit more? The answer is usually no and I walk away with disappointment.

But sometimes I’m lucky enough to spot a place right before arriving at a target, which allows for calculated consumption!

On our way to a pub for Sunday Roast, we came across Oink!

The “oink”

Do you see all the people waiting for some?

We squealed (kinda) and decided to share a plate of Sunday roast so we could leave room for some porky goodness. I was so excited about this that I forgot to document the roast we had…oops!

We ordered two different piglets!

 Piglet No.1: with sage & onion stuffing with tomato relish.

Piglet No. 2: with haggis and apple marmalade.

Our order being prepared!

Top: Piglet No. 2
Bottom: Piglet No. 1

I liked the one with haggis and apple marmalade better because the flavors were balanced. The tomato relish in the other one was too overpowering. But both were incredible because of the “oink.”

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