Incomplete thoughts

A good thing about daylight savings time is that even if you have an early bird dinner, you don’t feel as lame because it’s so dark out at 5:30 that it really feels like 8:30.

Dinner at Mussel Inn started off with Scottish oysters!

Buttery, sweet, and oh so delicious!

A conversation overheard from the next table.

Man: Why are these oysters dirty? Why don’t you clean them before serving?

Server: They are dirty? What do you mean?

Man: There are bits of dirt, shouldn’t you wash them?

Server: No! They are caught daily and shucked right before serving. If we washed them they would lose their flavor.

Man: They are too salty. I would prefer them without the salt water.


I quickly become distracted as my seafood chowder arrived because it was light and fragrant with bits of salmon,cod, mussels, celery, and potatoes.

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