Monster Munch

I stayed with dear friends while I was in London. I wanted to cook for them one night so that I could indulge in one of my favorite activities: Food shopping!

I went to Waitrose (a supermarket chain) and spent about an hour browsing the offerings aisle-by-aisle. I changed the menu three times while I was in the store and ended up with ingredients to make a salad with mushrooms, leeks, rocket, tossed with a light lemon dressing, rye crackers topped with dill creme fraiche and smoked salmon, and spaghetti bolognese. (I forgot to take photos! Sorry!)

I felt at home as I diced, chopped, sauteed, mixed, tossed, washed, squeezed, slathered, folded, boiled, and stirred.

I had forgotten that my friend didn’t like smoked salmon but she bravely tried my creation and liked it! Yay!

The evening ended with some scotch tasting and the battle of the crisps (chips): Monster Munch vs. Tayto.

The spread

Tayto is a North Ireland crisps company, which is also the 3rd largest crisps manufacturer in the UK. The crisps were slightly thicker than other types but had a good crunch.

Monster Munch: A corn snack formerly known as the Prime Monster Munch (like Prime Minister– get it?) looks like “monster paws” and has three different flavors: roast beef, pickled onion, and flamin’ hot. The one we tried was pickled onion (my friend’s favorite) and it was tangy with an airy consistency.

The winner for its novelty!

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