Institutionalized bars

While I was in my MA program in London, Fridays were the most intense days at school because we had four classes back-to-back for 8 straight hours.

So you can imagine how we all felt at the end of the day: mentally drained but blown away by the things we learned.

Our ritual on Fridays was to head to the student bar run by the university (yes, it’s true!). We ordered a pint of beer sold at a discount and a bag of crisps before hashing out the day’s topics. Sometimes it was about theories of anthropology while most of the time it was about food, culture, and identity.

The bar seemed to be the ideal place to have these types of conversations because we were still at school so we could be serious but have some fun!

So having experienced this first hand, I shouldn’t have been so surprised when my friend who works at Parliament took us to the Parliament bar after a personalized tour of the buildings.

My top secret friend

(Her face can’t be shown because she works for an MP! j/k)

The bar was crowded but we managed to get pints and a bag of bbq rib flavored crisps. I had never tried the bbq rib flavor and it was slightly sweet and tangy. Not my favorite, I prefer the worcestershire sauce flavored crisps!

Observing people socializing made me miss those Fridays at uni but also made me happy to know that they were having some fun at their workplace!

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