Bacon Ice Cream

Two fish are in the tank.

One turns to the other and says: “You take control of the gun, I got the wheel.”

That was the joke that was served up right before the bacon ice cream.

Bacon ice cream topped with chocolate covered bacon.

To be honest, I really dislike bacon desserts. It just seems like another excuse to eat more bacon! But I tried the ice cream anyway and it was exactly how I expected it to be.

Salty, creamy, smokey, and greasy. It was not pleasant. I had two small spoonfuls then stopped. I felt waves of nausea as I dropped my spoon down. I proceeded to watch my friends eat the rest, while gulping down water.

Actually, the best part of the dish was the chocolate covered bacon. It was crispy! It had an excellent salt + sugar balance.

Once everyone was done, one of my friends claimed that he felt “dirty” like he had to shower.

Yes, bacon ice cream makes you dirty.

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