Korean American Flavors

Would you believe that there can be kimchi flavor without the “stink?”

Well, Skimkim Foods, a Brooklyn based company, claims that they have the solution.

Kimchi Butter! (without the stink)

Ingredients: cream, garlic, ginger, chives, Korean red pepper flakes, and salt.

Use: They recommend you to add it to grilled cheese, steak, fish, and eggs. Or even dip your steamed crab into the melted kimchi butter.

Kimchi Butter on bread. Doesn’t look too fetching, does it?

I think I need to taste this before I make my final decision about kimchi butter. What would I add my kimchi butter to?

I don’t usually use much butter. My friend suggested kimchi fried rice. Any suggestions?

While I figure this out maybe I’ll make a cocktail using their bloody mary mix:

But this seems a bit inappropriate given recent events, no?

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