Heathrow Delights

At the end of my trip to the UK, I was left with 5 pounds in my pocket.

I was determined to spend it all so I started browsing through my options at
WHSmith (a store that sells magazines, food, and gifts).

My first finding:

A wrap filled with shredded duck, cucumber, lettuce, red onion, hoisin and plum sauce. This combination is so popular that it even was made into a crisp flavor back in 2009.
I urge you to read about it Here!

And of course I couldn’t leave Christmas turkey and King prawn out of the game.

Was I ready to try my first ever Scotch egg out of a plastic wrapper?

Or  settle for my usual choice?
Ploughman’s: Medium mature cheddar layered with lettuce, tomato, and pickles.

While thinking through my options, I turned around and was faced with a whole section of crisps!

I quickly settled on Monster Munch(Red Hot), Walker’s Mexican Chili, and Walker’s Worcestershire sauce (the purple bags in the center) to bring back for a tasting party!

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