Dongji: Korean Winter Solstice

December 22nd was Dongji (Winter Solstice)!

In Korea, the day is celebrated by eating patjuk (red bean porridge). The red beans are meant to scare away the evil sprits to guide us safely into the new year.

My mom was planning on making patjuk at home but when she learned that our favorite rice cake shop would be making it for the festival, she decided to buy it instead.

Armed with a large container, she arrived at the shop at 10am sharp. She bought 4 large ladles worth of patjuk and I got to eat two bowls of it soon after.

My first bowl

It was creamy, earthy,and chewy!

Although this doesn’t look pretty, the balls of rice cakes were absolutely delicious!

The benefit of buying patjuk from a rice cake shop is that they add
a HUGE amount of their rice cakes!

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