Let Koreans eat cake!

The hot thing to tote around these days is a cake box. I’ve seen tons of young adults each carrying colorful boxes at all hours of the day.

What’s the sudden hype around cakes?

Christmas in Korea is more like a holiday for lovers to eat cake.

Korean Christmas cakes aren’t like the typical cakes studded with fruit and nuts. Rather, it’s a white sponge cake with fluffy white icing. Every single bakery starts selling Christmas cakes a couple of days before the big day. Boxes and boxes of these cakes are stacked in front of shops, waiting to be bought.

I was at the Convention Center earlier this week and saw these cakes:

Cakes from Paris Croissant (a bakery chain)

On my way home, I passed by a short block that had 3 different stores selling Christmas cakes. (The person selling cakes outside Dunkin Donuts didn’t let me take any photos so I’ll just show you the other 2 shops)

Ice cream cakes at Baskin Robbins

You get a free hat with your purchase!

These are all fake models!

Do you see the one with penguins?

Kiwi flavored cake in front of Paris Baguette.
Check out the stacks of cakes in the back!

Here, you can either get a pig blanket or bottle of bubbly.

Upon closer examination, the pig blanket is wishing High School Seniors good luck on their national college entrance exam.
Maybe these are leftovers from last month’s campaign.

These cakes are priced approximately at $20.

Later that night, I saw these two guys on the subway who were on their way to meet up with their girlfriends.

I wonder if Christmas in Korea feels lonelier if you are single.


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