Feasting on Solnal (Korean new year)

Food preparation for Solnal begins at least a week in advance at home. My mom usually makes mandu (dumplings), bindaetteok (mungbean pancakes), and fish jeon. She has been busy shopping, cooking, and distributing the food in preparations for the big day.

My mother’s mandu

Eating a bowl of tteok guk (rice cake soup) symbolizes entry into the new year. When I was younger, I was told that I would become a year older by finishing every bowl so I ate as much as I could.

This morning, my whole family got together for charae (Korean traditional ritual) for my grandmother and then shared the sacrificial food below and ate rice cake soup.

I only ate one bowl for breakfast but had two bowls for lunch. I think I may have another bowl for dinner…which means I will have aged four years by the end of the day!

Happy New Year!

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