What starts well ends well

I just completed a pretty gruesome trip.

2 hours at airport + 12 hour flight +2 hour customs and baggage claim+ 4 hour layover + 1 hour flight+ 1 hour car ride home = exhaustion that seems to have seeped deep into my bones.

The great part of the trip was the start and the end.


My parents took me to the airport to see me off. Our ritual is to check in and then head to one of the restaurants above the departure hall to share a last meal together.

 My parents shared this:
Seafood doenjang (soybean paste) stew

And I went for the mild soondubu (soft tofu) stew.

We lingered over some sujeonggwa (cinnamon tea) then they sent me on my way.


At the end of the trip, I was completely zombified and everything seemed to be whizzing past me. I came to my senses when a father lugging heavy bags and pushing a toddler over took me on my way to claim my bags.

I stood at the baggage carousel trying hard to concentrate on the bags zipping by on the belt when I looked up to see my lovely neighbors (previously featured in the Dueling Newlyweds post) across from me.

I was so happy to see them but couldn’t muster up the energy to shout out to them. I slowly dragged my feet toward them and was only able to say hello when I was arms length away.

It turned out that their flights were all messed up so they had flown in a day later than scheduled. Lucky for me, I got to ride in their comfortable car and enjoy their company, which saved me the pain of being on a shuttle bus with loud college students.

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