Korean Air’s New In-flight Meal

I’m happy to report that Korean Air has introduced a new Korean in-flight meal option!

Steamed rice with gondre (a wild vegetable that grows in high altitude regions in the eastern coast of Korea)!


The spread looks similar to their signature bibimbap service.

Introducing Korean Air’s new packaging! Do you like it?

The gondre rice is mixed with other namul (steamed and seasoned vegetables) and ground beef and seasoned with spicy soy sauce.

I was secretly getting pretty bored with bibimbap so I was thrilled to see that they were working on variations! The flight attendant informed me that they had just launched this dish two months ago.

I have had gondre rice before and I like its distinct earthy flavor. I really enjoyed the three different types of namul that were in the big bowl as well and thought it was refreshing to have seasoned soy sauce rather than gochujang.

Looking around, I was surprised to see that other passengers (mostly young college students returning for the spring term) were eating the Western style beef stew with boiled potatoes. Call me old fashioned but I got to have rice when I’m flying!

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