Flying Chefs

Would you want a professional chef cooking up a meal that fits your exact specifications on your next flight?

Etihad Airways (link to Shivani Vora’s nyt piece) has launched a new way to please its first class passengers.

According to the nyt report, it has recruited 100 chefs, including ones from the Fat Duck in the UK and Fenix  restaurant in Melbourne. Long-haul flights from Abu Dhabi to Paris, Geneva, NYC, and Sydney have flying chefs that can make steaks, souffles, and salads to order.

Etihad Airways is not the first airline to come up with this concept.

In 2006, Asiana Airlines started an in-flight sushi service. I have been told by chefs who served sushi on board that the fresh fish was specially treated to meet international health regulations. Sushi knives were not allowed on board so all components had to be prepared for chefs to assemble the sushi in-flight.

Another airline that has a chef on board is Turkish Air. Check out their “Flying Chef” commercial featuring Kobe Bryant!

Let’s pretend that this service is available in all class cabins.
Who would you rather have cooking your next in-flight meal? A Flying Chef or Kobe Bryant?

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