Roast Chicken

Goal for this week: Minimize food waste and grocery shopping!

I’ve been putting myself to the test.

Will I be able to use up all the produce/meat that have been in my fridge and freezer the past two weeks?
I want to be out of food for my trip to the farmers’ market this Saturday.

So far this week, I’ve made stir fried bok choi and broccoli, tofu, and halibut steaks and spicy shrimp curry.

Today I’m making roast chicken and roasting brussel sprouts, carrots, celery, potatoes, and onion along with it. I’m hoping that this will last me until Friday. I’ll make chicken salad and chicken soup out of the meat and bones with what is leftover tonight.

My sister shared Jamie Oliver’s very simple recipe with me a few years ago. I absolutely love this version because it calls for a full bulb of garlic.

In the mood to make some roast chicken? Check out the full recipe here.

I had to improvise by using a blood orange instead of a lemon but I think it is going to turn out well.

How do I know? It just smells incredible in my kitchen. I wish you were here now to smell for yourself!

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