What’s in your goodie bag?

Last week, I attend the first annual Cookbook Conference in nyc.

I’ve been dabbling into examining recipes as tools for authorities to standardize, promote, omit, or hide certain dishes, ingredients, and cooking techniques to establish a national cuisine. I was particularly interested in the panel titled “Cookbooks as Propaganda.”

If you are interested, you can watch  all the recorded sessions for free in a few weeks on the website.

The highlight of the conference was catching up with my mentor and a dear friend from college.

Some things I learned:

1. Italian Wedding Soup is a mistranslation: It means “wedded” soup, referring to the harmonious blend of flavors.

2. Cookbooks are and can be published by university presses!

3. A lot of people are willing to pay top dollar to attend a conference about cookbooks and food writing.

Have you been to a conference that gave out “gifts?”

I would have rather had the conference fee reduced rather than receive these to be quite honest.

In my goodie bag:

(sans cookbook on the right that was really a gift [thank you!]

and the mushroom salt that I won in a raffle!)

The cookbook on the right contains recipes from panelists from the conference. Do you think someone will make a movie about me if I cook every recipe in this book and blog about it?!

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