3D Adventure

Last night, I went to a cajun restaurant in Mooresville, IN for a friend’s birthday party.

My friend found Zydeco’s through an iphone app that shows all the nationally known restaurants in a given area and decided that we should all take a road trip.

So, what’s a cajun restaurant doing in Indiana?

Watch this: Paula Dean’s got nothing on this chef when it comes to the use of butter!

The place was decorated as if it were Mardi Gras everyday!

The most impressive thing was that they had amber and dark Abita beers on tap. I first tried them last May when I was in Nola and I remembered really liking the amber ale.

For dinner, I created my own tasting menu off of the appetizers:

1. Vegetarian red beans and rice: This was delicious! I could eat this everyday!

2. Half and Half=Gumbo and Jambalaya: I was expecting it to be served in two different bowls as it is shown in the Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives but it was combined. It was difficult to tell the flavors apart.

3. Maque Choux (corn chowder) with Crawfish: My least favorite- Think flavors of condensed milk, nutmeg, cinnamon, sweet pumpkin dominating a corn chowder.

As we waited (an hour and half for our food to arrive!) this was brought to my attention:

Do you see what I see? This certainly may have been a typo but it sure was tasty!

Now, how did Guy Fieri find out about this place? My guess is that hidden gems are usually not featured on 3Ds.

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