Crispy Purple Kale

Here’s my new obsession: 

I bought too much kale at the farmers’ market the other week and had to figure out how to eat it. I’ve been getting slightly bored with my usual braised kale with cider vinegar recipe. So I googled “purple kale recipe” and found this:

I tore the kale into bite size pieces, pre-heated the oven to 350 degrees, and lay out the leaves on a baking sheet. I sprinkled it with a little olive oil and gave it a light toss. Once the oven was ready, I popped the sheet in and waited about 6 minutes.

The baked kale turned out to be delicious! The bitterness was replaced with a earthy nuttiness and the crunch was unbelievably satisfying.


One response

  1. Hello Chi-Hoon! I stumbled upon an article you wrote about your studies in airline food and found it fascinating … and perfect for a column I’m putting together. I am the nationally syndicated science columnist for CBC Radio One in Canada, our national public broadcaster. For this week’s column, I’m working on the science of taste while traveling in the air. Why is food so bland? What do airline chefs do to compensate? I’m sure you have thoughts based on your experience. If so, please give me a call at 1-613-288-6515 or email

    Just so’s you know I”m legit, here’s my website
    And that’s me, though not so day-glo.

    My deadline is tomorrow (Wednesday March 14th) at noon.

    Talk soon!


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