Green Food

I’ve never really understood the celebrations (binge drinking, wearing green, and eating green tinted food!) that take place on St. Patrick’s day in the US.

Most Irish nationals I’ve asked have told me that it’s a more low key holiday in Ireland without much of the aforementioned activities.

What I find most disturbing is how the Chicago river becomes a vivid green, or an “Irish Green” as many have told me. Even though in 1966, the dye was switched to a vegetable base (a more “eco-friendly” chemical), I’m still not convinced that the dye in such high doses is safe.

So on the topic of green colored food, would you be more inclined to eat something that is “normally” not green on St. Patrick’s day? Would your food taste different? Or would you perceive it differently because it’s green?

For example, could green ketchup be tastier than red? I saw that Burger King was giving out free fries in celebration of this holiday but I did not venture out to try it.

Rather, I decided to try a green bud light. To be honest, I didn’t want to because this drink would certainly give me cancer. But for the sake of “research” I decided that I needed to take the risk.

My friend assured me that she had tried it multiple times and it tasted just the same as regular bud light. We ordered two but we could only get one because that was the last glass available. I’m a sucker for limited availability so I was convinced that I was destined to taste it.

The beer itself didn’t taste like much but I can’t really comment since it was only my second bud light of my life. The color was actually very disturbing and I kept on wanting to taste something that would help me connect the color to a specific “green” appropriate taste.

I felt a bit queasy looking at the green beer so I tried distracting myself but ended up not finishing it.

I think I’m set for life. No need for another green beer. But it was certainly fun to try it!

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