Spring Tornados!

For the past 45mins, I have been trapped in my bathroom waiting for the tornado warning to expire.

I’m still not used to tornados and I don’t know what to expect and how to prepare myself. I know what to do if there’s an earthquake or an air raid but tornados are still new to me.

All I know is that I have to go to the inner most part of my apartment without windows and stay put.

I just ordered a special radio that gives up-to-date tornado warnings but it hasn’t arrived yet. So you can imagine how worried I was feeling ill-prepared for the potential tornado.

As I was locked away in the bathroom, I started thinking about delicious meals I had recently to take my mind off of the sound of sirens, hail, wind, and rain.

As I streamed through memories of dishes, I became fixated on this meal:

The Ideal Half-and Half:

A lobster roll, an oyster po boy, sweet pickled cucumbers, and shoestring fries.

The lobster roll had just the right amount of mayo and was not too heavy, which allowed the lobster to shine. The oysters were juicy, fatty, and buttery. The cajun spice and crunchy breading added a kick and a nice texture to each bite. The shoestring fries were perfectly crisp and airy. And the sweet pickles somehow worked as a refreshing palate cleanser as I worked my way through both sandwiches.

Lucky for me, the tornado warning passed without producing tornados near me.

But now the problem is that I’m really craving this meal again! HELP!

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