“Every Bite a Taste Delight”

I have a serious soft spot for two things:

Family owned businesses  and local bakeries.

So when I found out that my friend’s family owns and operates Jarosch Bakery in the Chicago suburbs, you can imagine how excited I was.

Some history of the Jarosch Bakery: (http://jaroschbakery.com/pages/about-us.php)

She first introduced us to her family’s coffee cake, which was so divine that we all gathered around and endlessly pawed at it (ooh-ing and ahh-ing), as if it were a new born. It was so good that it has become sort of an obsession. We only have to say “Coffee Cake” for all of us to instantly become googly-eyed.

The second item we tried were these easter bunny cakes last April.

They were fluffy and light, just the way you would want a bunny to be!

Last week, we were all so lucky to try another Jarosche specialty.

 A pastry stick: A log of puff pastry dough with apricot and cheese filling

We instantly abandoned everything we were doing and gravitated toward this treat.

The pastry stick was delightful! We couldn’t agree more that every bite was indeed a taste delight!

2 responses

  1. O my gosh! Chi-Hoon this is awesome! Thank you so much. I’m excited you wrote about it and covered the bakery. Glad I can provide you with delicious baked goods.

  2. Kristin,

    I would be the happiest person if I could wake up to a nice cup of coffee and a delicious pastry from your bakery! (I just realized that this is what you and your family get to do on most mornings and got SUPER jealous.) Adopt me?

    Btw, I would love to hear about what types of bread your uncle (?) made during the Korean War!

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