Spring Brunch

I know a lot of you are anticipating my report about the Walkers’ crisps but I’ve been waiting to taste them with my British friend so she can help solve the mystery! We are scheduled to taste them later this week so you will get an update soon!

So to get our minds off of the Walkers’ crisps, I’ll tell you a bit about my weekend!

Yesterday, I was invited to brunch to welcome Tad Nakamura (documentary filmmaker) to IU to kick off Asian-Pacific American Heritage month. He was really fun and engaging!

I made mini frittatas with ricotta, red and yellow bell peppers, and scallions and also a mixed berry salad with mint and honey.

The spread:

Bagels, garnishes, cured meat, sausage, grapes, coffee cake, grilled asparagus, smoked salmon, chocolate cake, shortbread cookies, berry salad, and frittatas.

I absolutely loved these shortbread cookies! So pretty!

They were made by putting the dough into hand carved wooden molds first and then baking them off.

Fish symbolizes abundance in Korea so I ate a big chunk of it yesterday, hoping that it will bring me luck!

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