Mystery Flavors

So I finally went through with the Walkers mystery flavor crisp tasting!

Unfortunately, we missed the deadline for the competition so we won’t be able to win 50,000 pounds but it was really a fun experiment.

A total of five tasters first admired each bag, then opened it and took in the aromas.

We jotted down what we smelled first on a piece of paper and then tasted one crisp. Once everyone had their first taste, we circulated the bag around again.

Mystery Flavor A: The sour cream flavor was very distinct with a hint of chives and an undertone of chicken fat.

Our guesses: Sour cream and onion, French onion soup, jacket potato, and rotisserie chicken
From these guesses, we picked jacket potato (baked potato with sour cream, dill, and cheese)

Mystery Flavor B: It smelled like worcestershire sauce and smoked meat. The flavor was a bit heavy and tasted a bit burnt.

Our guesses: Sausage,  beef jerky, chicken fajita, streak and eggs, chinese dumplings, and pork rinds.
We couldn’t agree on what the crisp tasted like.

Mystery Flavor C: I got a strong whiff of smoked paprika. This was by far our favorite because the flavor wasn’t overpowering and it was almost refreshing, with hints of cilantro, curry, and coconut.

Our guesses: Samosas, Thai green curry,and Chicken Tikka Masala.
This one, we were all confidant that we knew what the flavor was and agreed that we would buy this if it were available.

At the end, we checked our answers against the ones on the Walkers website: Check out the results here.

After we found out the real answers, we did another round of tastings and it became clearer to us what the mystery flavors were supposed to be. This proves that the knowledge and expectation of taste is a HUGE factor in determining your ability to identify flavors!


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