The Colonel and I

Walking around downtown Louisville, I spotted the tourist information center.

I instantly charged toward it and was delighted to see this:

The Colonel himself!

Although I can’t remember the last time I had KFC and I’m not a big fan, I couldn’t pass up a chance to meet the legendary Colonel in person.

Up close, the Colonel looked a bit gaunt. I asked him about his health and he told me: “I had to stop eating my ‘finger lickin’ good’ chicken in my old age.” He then offered me some chicken that was just out of the fryer.

I politely declined and quickly got out of the way so others could have a chance to meet the Colonel too!

This display caught my eye and reminded me of the Das Racist’s song: Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell

Does this follow YUM’s brand motto: “Alone we are delicious, together we’re YUM?”

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